Hope Mills Road Animal Hospital

Hope Mills Road Animal Hospital

Boarding Agreement- You may print this page and fill it out to save time on the day you drop your pet off to board.


Boarding Agreement


Drop Off Date: ______________________________

Pick Up Date:                                                   AM          _PM________     


Owner Name: _________________________________________________________________




BATH/DIP: ___Yes ___No           NAIL TRIM: ___Yes ___No        

MEDICATION: ___Yes ___No        PLAYTIME: ___Yes ___No


1.              ________                 /                          /                           /                           /____    


2.                                           /                         /                           /                            /____    


3.                                           /                          /                           /                           /____   


4.                                           /                           /                           /                           /____    


*Playtime Prices:

Dog: $3.50/$1.50 per additional dog        Holidays: $7.00/ $3.50 per additional dog

Cat: $2.50/$1.25 per additional cat        Holidays: $5.00/ $2.50 per additional cat

Playtime: Once a day             Twice a day              Every other day                 Other________     

*Cats must be negative for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids and be vaccinated for Feline Leukemia to have playtime or board in condo.

Person to contact in case of emergency: _______________________________  

Emergency phone number: _________________________________________     

I understand that if a medical emergency situation occurs, the clinic will try to reach me by phone.  If the clinic is unable to locate me, your animal will be treated at my expense. I hereby authorize emergency treatment    ____________ (INITIALS).

I understand that if my pet(s) is presented for boarding while infested with fleas, ticks or intestinal worms, it will be treated at my expense ___________ (INITIALS).

OUR VACCINATION POLICYTo insure the protection of all pets under our care, the following vaccinations must be up to date AND have been given at a veterinary office: 

 Dogs:  DHLPP, Bordetella, Rabies     Cats:  FDV, Bordetella, Rabies 

I have read the boarding requirements and understand the hospital's policies.

Signed: __________________________________ (Owner/authorized agent)                         

Checked in by: _________________                (Staff Initials)                                                  


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